FOOD // Obsession of the Month: Broken English @ Mad Sq Eats

By Tim Wu on October 11, 2012 in Blog, Food

Madison Square Eats is back! And while these food vendor fests are usually filled with unfortunately overpriced and undersized fare, there’s a new vendor this year that makes me go, EHRRRRMAGERRRRRRRRRD. 

Broken English sells il trapizzino, which are triangles of warm of and crusty pizza dough cut open to form a pocket and stuffed with warm and hearty stewed dishes, like oxtail (pictured belowwww)

They’ve got all sorts of options, from pulled chicken with rosemary and white wine to ratatouille to even beef tongue. The intensely Roman man behind the counter touts, “DIS IS-AH REEL ROMAHN FUD.” Then he showed me his collection of chariots and centurian garb. 

The kicker? THEY’RE ONLY 5 BUCKS. Get two and and a soda and you’ve got yerself one of them fancy pants Manhattan lunches you can Instagram to make your out-of-state friends jealous. 

Madison Square Eats is only going on until Oct. 19th! Located at 5th and 25th in Worth Square~ 


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