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By Tim Wu on June 8, 2012 in Food

So the other day a bunch of us went out to Jones Beach way way out in Wantagh to celebrate my friend Natasha’s birthday. Being the small, health-conscious, baby carrot and spelt cake loving lady that she is, us guys in the group decided that the perfect post-beach birthday meal would be A SHIT-TON OF RANDOM MEAT AT A RANDOM BBQ PLACE. 

Enter my new best friend in the world, Tennessee Jed. 

On every table, you get the delightful soda-crate turned condiment trough of sauces.

The “regular” tasted just like McDonald’s BBQ sauce, so fuck that noise. But the other three, when together on a single plate, form what I like to call THE PERFECT STORM of sauce. You get the kick from the the hot, the tang from the sweet, and the chicken-finger nostalgia goodness of the honey mustard in every bite.

We all know building sandcastles burns about 12,000 calories a minute, SO WE NEEDED TO GET OUR CARBS ON. 

Oh, what’s that Tennessee Jed? Tater tots covered in melted cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, smoked bacon and a mysterious white sauce? YES, PLEASE.

As filling as the Tornado Tots were (yes, they were called Tornado Tots), we figured we could use a little something extra, just to top off the meal.

Oh what’s that Tennessee Jed? You have a dish that’s a virtual Noah’s Ark of BBQ? Let me think about tha- OH WAIT, YES PLEASE. 

 From the top:
- 1/2 Smoked Chicken
- 1 Rack of Texas Beef Ribs
- 1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs
- 1/2 Rack of St. Louis Ribs
- Texas Links
- Pulled Pork
- Brisket

Forrest back there is from Texas, and he approves.  

Oh yeah, and it comes with 4 SIDES.

Creamed Spinach? Awesome. Sweet Potato Fries? Beautiful. Mac ‘n Cheese? Creamy Heaven.


VICTORY. *Note how the coleslaw has remained untouched. 


Oh yeah, and Natasha got a burger or something stupid like that. Happy Birthday! 

Tennessee Jed’s 
3357 Merrick Road, Wantagh, NY


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