FOOD // Madison Square Eats 2012!

By Tim Wu on May 18, 2012 in Food
Remember that one time it was delightfully sunny one day, but then sad and rainy the next day, but then delightfully sunny again the next day but strangely cold and windy for being so delightfully sunny? SOUNDS LIKE THE PERFECT TIME FOR AN OUTDOOR FOOD FESTIVAL. 
Madison Square Eats is back! But only until June 1st. It’s a great collection of food festivalable things from all over Manhattan and Brooklyn that aren’t fried oreos. Check it out in that little triangle plaza next to Eataly on 25th and Broadway. 

Kafta & Eggplant Wrap (Lamb & Beef, Harissa, Eggplant and Lettuce) and Phoenician Fries topped with Sumac, Salt and Garlic from Ilili. — EAT IT

Pulled Pork Empanada from La Sonrisa — EAT IT

Ground Beef Empanada from La Sonrisa — EAT IT

Pulled Pork and Salsa Verde Sandwich with White BBQ sauce from Mayhem and Stout — EH

Pork Meatballs with African Onion, Tempting Tomato, and Not Your Momma’s Brown Sauces from Mighty Balls – EH

The Norma Arancini (Eggplant, Tomato, Basil, and Ricotta) from the Arancini Bros. – EAT IT

Pork Belly and Beijing Duck Buns from Hong Kong Street Cart – EAT IT

Shaved Milk Snow topped with Fresh Mangoes, Frozen Champagne Grapes and Red Bean from Hong Kong Street Cart – EAT IT


Oh yeah, and they have ALCOHOL!


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