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Transformers got shafted for best visual effects. I didn’t even see the Golden Compass, so there is very little justification in my argument, but whatever. I understand that it must have taken a lot to build a world from the ground up, with castles and polar bears and golden compasses and whatnot, but at the end of the day, it feels like it’s all been done before. Blame Lord of the Rings. And they already won for best visual effects.

Regardless, Michael Bay is awesome:

It didn’t really make me want to get Verizon FiOs, but still. Solid commercial.


// Compositing Stuffs

Into After Effects and all that jazz? Here’s a link to some free pre-matted explosions and flames.

And if you have no moral qualms, hit up the Pirate Bay for torrents to VideoCoPilots composite stuffs:

// Food

Haven’t tried it yet, because it’s expensive as balls, but apparently Peter Lugar’s in Brooklyn has the greatest steak you’ll ever slide down your throat. *Growl* Voted top by Fortune magazine and a slew of others, check it out if your ever get the money.

They cleverly hide their prices. BUT ALAS:

// Media

A blog a frequent, in fact, I get all my movie news from here, is:

It’s a pretty entertaining blog, and surprisingly ahead in the news for a blog that’s just run by a guy who likes movies.

// Movie Enthusiasts

While wafts of the Oscars are still in the air, if you’re interested in watching the nominees for best short film and best animated shorts, check out the IFC center:

Every year they play all the nominees back to back for the price of single admission (separate showings for live-action and animation), which is great, because you rarely get the chance to watch these films.

HAY, I’ve got a script to finish. So I’m gonna go do that. I’ve been shitty about my blog, so I’m going to try to get back on it more often.

… that’s what she said. (The Office returns in April!)


// tim


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