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By Tim Wu on July 15, 2007 in Blog

i’ve never really had the inclination to “embed” things in my blog. i’m not an html savvy guy, so i figured i’d just provide the link, and they could see whatever it was for themselves.

but i am embedding this video, from This American Life, cuz i saw it a long time ago, lost the link, and finally found it just now. and i think it’s worth watching, so here goes:

This American Life is a GREAT radio show, perfect for passing the time when you’re doing tedious tasks on photoshop, or just sleuthing on a lazy sunday afternoon or whatever. you can listen to full episodes at, and see clips from their show on showtime.

‘my reputation,’ ’24 hours at the golden apple,’ and ‘the allure of the mean friend’ are some of my favorites.

and of course, ira glass high up there on my list of fucking awesome voices, second only next to jeremy irons

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  1. mica.inti July 16, 2007 Reply

    ira glass = ethan youngerman (my previous wte teacher)

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